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Unit 8单元整合
( ) 1. The post office is ______ Center Street.
A. in B. C. at D. from
( ) 2. A pen is on the right of a ruler. The ruler is on the right of an eraser. That is to say, the ruler is ______ them.
A. in front of B. across from C. under D. between
( ) 3. My uncle can’t buy the car because he doesn’t have much ______.
A. time B. money C. health D. luck
( ) 4. I usually spend two hours ______ books every day.
A. read B. reads C. reading D. to read
( ) 5. Look! The monkey is ______ that big tree.
A. climbing B. walking C. running D. sitting
( ) 6. His grandpa enjoys ______ tennis.
A. play B. plays C. to play D. playing
( ) 7. —What’s in the room —______ two chairs.
A. There are B. It is C. They are D. It has
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