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第 周教案
年 月 日 第1节 总第 1课时
课题 I love history 课型 New 课时 1
知识 能力 思想 1.talk, about, what about…, time, o’clock, half, past, art, chemistry, history
2.Enable students to talk about their lessons.
重点 Aims 12 难点 Aims 2
教法 Reading and practising 教具 A tape recorder, some pictures
教学程序 教师活动 学生活动
Step I Warming up and Matching
1. Bring a clock face into class---it has hands that are easy to move around and is big enough for the students to see.
T: Hello! Boys and girls! Do you have a watch
S: Yes.
: Good! Can you tell me the time, please
S: Yes! It’s eight o’clock.
T: Thank you. Well, now, I will show you my clock. It is eight o’clock, too. Yes

S: No. It’s twelve.
T: Good.
Now I will show you another clock . Can you tell me the different time, please

S: Yes! It’s ten ten .
T: Very good.
Move the clock hands and ask students to read the time.
T: Very good. Now please turn to page 26, Part 1. Look at the pictures, listen and repeat the time.
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