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第 周教案
年 月 日 第 节 总第 课时
课题 M4U 2 Reading and Vocabulary
课型 reading And writing
课时 2 授课人
知识 能力 思想
教学目标 1. Language knowledge:
New words: favourite, noodle, candy, coke, hamburger, ice, cream, unhealthy,
2. Reading skill :( 1). To understand conversations involving food and drink. To get information of them in reading.
(2). Improve the students’ reading ability.
3. Affection and attitudes: We should love Chinese diet and we should love our country..

重点 Aim1 and aim2 难点 Aim3
教法 Practise and write 教具
Tape recorder,
教学程序 教师活动 学生活动
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Part vI
: Revision
1. Help students to revise what is learnt in Period one of this module.
Show them some pictures about the new words in last period. Have the Ss. spell them.
: Preparation
Task: Catch new words
Step one: Lead in the study of the text by carrying out the following activities:
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