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Module2 Unit3 The Earth Reading1同步练习
1. We should p______ our eyes. They are important for us.
2. I’m going to have a q______ tomorrow, so I have to go over (复习) the lessons carefully tonight.
3. Playing the piano is p______ of my life. I spend an hour on it every day.
4. Now, there’s no fish in the lake. The dirty water k______ all the fish two months ago.
5. There are many different plants. Some are _________ (大的). Some are small.
1.—The phone is too large . I want a small one.
—Wait a minute. I will show you a small one.
A. little B. dirty C. big
2.—Why does the policeman arrest(逮捕) him
—Because he killed a woman.
A. made … die
B. made … cry
C. made … smile
3. —I feel cold. Can we burn some wood in the stove
—Of course.
A. set … on fire
B. make … very strong
C. keep … very clean
4. —What can the Sun provide us with
—Light and energy.
A. give us B. find us C. leave us
5.—Many factories poured out waste water and polluted the sea.
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