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(共26张PPT) Unit 5 Dinner’s ready A Let’s talk eggs noodles apples rice juice bread cake Coke Rabbit, rabbit,jump,jump,jump。 (兔子跳到哪,你就用I’d like some … and ...说。) What would you like? I’d like some ..., please. What would you like? vegetable vegetables I'd like some_______,please. vegetables (你想要点什么?) What would you like? soup I’d like some_____, please. soup It’s the dinner time. Go to Mike's home ! What would you like? 晚餐,正餐 6:00pm in What’s for dinner? 晚饭吃什么? Let’s follow ! Dinner’s ready! Fill in the blanks. Some _____and ______,please. I’d like some ____and____, please. _____ _____ ____ dinner soup bread fish vegetables ready 填空 小组表演对话 Role play Kid(孩子: Mum, I'm hungry!What's for dinner? Mum: What would you like? Kid: I'd like some ______and ______, please. Mum: What would you like for dinner ? Dad: I'd like some ______ and ______, please. Mum: Dinner's ready! Dad&Kid: Thanks! Let’s survey.做调查。 Let’s survey.做调查。 √ √ Go to a restaurant! What would you like? What would you like for dinner? We would like some... 抢红包 Let’s chant What's for dinner? What's for dinner? What would you like for dinner? Soup and bread, soup and bread, I’d like some soup and bread. What's for dinner? What's for dinner? What would you like for dinner? Fish and vegetables , fish and vegetables, I’d like some fish and vegetables. Homework 选择适合你的作业: 1.Listen to the tape and read after it for three times.(听磁带并且跟读。) 2. Make the menu. Please ask your father and mother what they would like for dinner, and try to cook for them. (你的父母晚餐想吃什么,并且试着做给他们吃。)
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