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1. There are over _______ places of interest from all over the world in the World Park.
A. two hundred of B. two hundreds C. hundreds of D. two hundred
2. He put some photos on the Internet for everyone _______.
A. to look B. looking C. look at D. to take a look at
3. You can see some photos ______ the trip ____ the Internet.
A. of; on B. with; in C. from; at D. to; by
4. Millie thinks more of others than of _______, so everyone likes to make friends with her.
A. herself B. hers C. she D. her
5. I ______ you last Friday, but I couldn’t remember your name.
A. remembered seeing B. remember seeing C. remember to see D. remember saw
6. He tried and tried, and _____ he succeeded.
A. in the end B. at the end C. for the end D. by the end
7. They think Waikiki in Hawaii is better than _____ in Australia.
A. any beach B. any other beaches C. any other beach D. the other beaches
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