[ID:4-3904254]Unit 3 A day out.基础练习题(有答案)
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1.Did you see the football_______________ (决赛)last night
2.His uncle is one of the best _______________ (登山者) in his club.
3. My grandmother looks much ___________________(健康) than before. She looks pale(苍白).
4.There are a few spelling______________(错误).Can you correct them
5. When I heard the news, I suddenly lost all my ___________________ (兴趣) in this idea.
6. Because of the ______ (end) housework, Millie always feels tired
7. How _______ (bore) the trip to South Hill is!
8. It’s a long and boring j_____________ from the village to Xiantai by train.
9. He tried to p____________ the cow out of the house but failed.
10. You can learn a lot about the_______________(文化) from the trip.
11. Let’s go to see the s______________ of the Palace Museum this weekend.
12. After the heavy rain, the sky became much______________(清晰)
13. When did you ______________ (到达) the Great Wall last Sunday
14. When they saw the pop star, they waved and______________(欢呼)
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