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( ) 1. _______ great fun it is to play games on _______ Internet!
A. How; / B. What; / C. How; the D. What; the
( ) 2. Why not _______ an English club to practice _______ English
A. join; speaking B. to join in; speaking
C. join in; to speak D. to join; to speak
( ) 3. Betty swims _______, if not better than Melinda.
A. so well as B. so bad C. as well as D. so bad as
( ) 4. This paper is made _______ wood and is _______.
A. from; really good B. from; good really
C. of; good really D. of; really good

( )1. the morning of September 6th, many visitors arrives the train station for a tour.2·1·c·n·j·y
A. In; at B. On; to C. In; in D. On; at
( )2.—The dress is very beautiful. Is it silk?【来源:21·世纪·教育·网】
—Yes. Besides it is Hangzhou.
A. made of; made in B. made of; made of C. made in; made of D. made in; made in
( )3. — is the cost of the trip to Shanghai Wild Animal Zoo?2-1-c-n-j-y
—Oh, a little . More than 200 yuan.

1. Mr. Wu _ __ (邀请) me to join their school trip to the World Park yesterday.
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