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( )1. ______ exciting sport it is to climb the mountains!
A. How B. What C. What a D. What an
( )2. ---Who was the first one to ___________ --- John was.
A. arrive B. reach C. get D. arrive at
( ) 3 The trip was very_________,for it_________ us about 2 hours by bus.
A. boring;took B. boring;cost C. bored;took D. bored;spent
( )4. You look so weak.If you want to keep_________,you need________ more.
A. fit;to do exercises B. fit;to exercise C. healthy;to do exercises D. health;to exercise
( )5. Our English teacher tells us to spend as much time we can ______ English.
A. listen and speak B. listening and speaking C. to listen and speak D. to listen arid to speak
( ) 6. —Don’t play in the street. It’s dangerous. —Ok,_______.
A.I don’t B. I won’t C. I do D.I will
( ) 7. Shall we_______ the meeting Sure. Let’s__________ them.
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