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( )1. It’s very important for us to learn how to learn by _______.
A. ourselves B. itself C. myself D. themselves
( )2. We will lose the football game _______ your support.
A. with B. under C. if D. without
( )3. Taking a boat to Guilin will be _______.
A. great fun B. great funny C. a great fun D. very funny
( )4. —When did they _______ Shanghai
—They _______ there at 2:00 p. m.
A. reach; arrived in B. reach; arrived
C. arrive; reached D. get to; arrived at
( )5. You need _______ fit.
A. exercise keeping B. exercising to keep
C. to exercise keeping D. to exercise to keep
( )6. —Why don’t we go shopping —_______.
A. That’s right. B. You’re great!
C. What a good idea! D. No, I don’t.
( )7. —Lily! You are so special!
—Everyone in the world is different So just_______. It’s the best way of life.
A. be yourself B. enjoy yourself
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