[ID:4-3904250]Unit 2 School life.词汇专项练习(U1-U2,无答案)
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1.Can you tell me how______(send) an e-mail
2.They practice __________(play) soccer after school
3.Studying at school is like_________(watch) TV.
4.I always have a great time ________(chat) with my parents.
5.How about_________(take) a walk after supper
6.She drank________(little) milk of the three girls just now.
7.Nick ate_______(few) oranges than Mike.
8.Sam has _________(little) orange juice than Sally.
9.Who has_________(little) milk , Linda or Simon
10.Please tell him________(not come) here before night.
11.Don’t make the baby_______(cry), she is too little.
12.Last night we had a wonderful time ________(play) basketball.
13.Our school has a ________(read) Week every term.
14.They will stay here for at________(little) two weeks.
15.If you don’t see a doctor at once(立刻), you will get even ______(bad) later.
16.Eddie is very lazy. He doesn’t spend much time ________(do) some exercise.
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