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29. What does the underlined word"It"in paragraph 3 refer to? A. The new material B. The research team C. The molecular leve D. Th ne producing process 30. Why do many plastics have different chemicals added to them? A. To make them easy to break down B. To make them easy to get processed C. To make it possible for them to b e recy D. To make them stronger and more widely used 31. What can we infer from the last paragraph? A. PDk plastics will be soon put to good use. B. PDK plastics may have a promising prospect C. The researchers are busy developing PDK plastics D. Plant-based materials have been used in the new plastics Being able to take advantage of truly unlimited data is a smartphone user's dream, but every- one Ive talked to about 5G is more excited about the usage unlocked by next-generation wireless devices. From smart home security to self-driving cars, all the Internet-connected equipment in your life will be able to talk to each other at lightning-fast speed with reduced delay 5G is one of those forerunners, along with artificial intelligence, of this coming data age said Steve Koenig, senior director of market research for the Consumer Technology Association Self -driving vehicles are emblematic in this data age- they show application of data completely. With one single task, driving, you have large amounts of data coming from the vehicle itself, and a variety of sensors(1#)are collecting a lot of information to model its environment as it moves It's pulling in data from other vehicles about conditions down the road. There's lots of data behind that task, which is why we need the speed and lower latency( JEiR) glasses and virtual(虚拟的) reality headphones haven’ t yet been inside the mainstream, but tech companies are joyfully saying that such equipment will eventually replace our smartphones With 5G, that could actually happen. This is notable because companies such as Apple are report edly developing ar glasses to improve-or even replace -smartphones Ericsson showed at February's Mobile World Congress in 2019 how smart glasses could become faster and lighter with a 5G connection, because instead of being weighed down with components the glasses could rely on outside equipment for processing power But dont get too excited. Theres still a lot of work to be done in the meantime, including some necessary testing to make sure the radio plays nicely with basic systems and service construc- ion so that 5G isn't concentrated only in big cities 32. What does the first paragraph focus on? A. Potential of 5g B. The super speed of 5G C. Usage of smart equipment D. The future of smart equipment 高三英语试题第4页(共8页) 中原名校20192020学年上期第二次质量考评 英语参考答案 听力 1-5ABCBA 6--I0ACBAA 1—15 AACBE 16-20 BCBBC 阅读理解 21-23BAD 24--27 CACB 28 -43 CADB 32~-35ACBD 36…40 GECDE 完形填空 41…45 BDABA 46…50 CDABO 5k 55 DBDCD 56…60 CABCA, 语法填空 62 to include 64. scholars 65. practical 66. who 67 have undertake 69. globally 文改错 My classmates Han Mei and I went to the Palace Museum by taxi of last Saturday. On arrival reached for my mobile phone, and I couldn't find it anywhere. Han Mei thought I should have left it in the taxi. Immediately she dialed my number and a taxi driver answered it. He said my mobile later,while the driver handed me the phone, I was too grateful that I offered him an extra fee.But when he refused with a smile, say that he was very pleased to have helped me saying 书面表达 Knowing that you take a great interest in Chinese culture, I'm writing to invite you to attend Chinese Poetry Contest for foreigners to be held by the city TV station at 6: 30 pm next Friday at the citizen Center Similar contests are watched by many people in China as ancient Chinese culture is regaining popularity these days. Also, the wisdom delivered through Chinese classic, poems can be rather impressive and helpful for the learners of the Chinese language. "%oi It will be a rather unforgettable night and I sincerely hope you could come with me. Looking orward to your early reply 参孝答家弟2
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