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Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge
This modern art gallery in a Victorian house was founded in the 1950s by Jim Ede and reopened in February, following a two-year redevelopment by Jamie Fobert Architects. This means a new cafe, a four-floor education wing and improved gallery space that can accommodate more visitors. The gallery’s permanent collection includes works of Joan Miró, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.
Being Brunel, Bristol
To celebrate the life and work of famous civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Being Brunel opened in March on Bristol’s harbourside. The museum included a range of interactive and entertaining exhibits, including talking portraits of his friends and family and personal possessions, including an 1821 school report. It is a good place for families to strengthen connections.
Royal Academy of Arts, London
The RA reopened on 19 May for its 250th anniversary, following a renovation(翻新) with a gallery and expanded exhibition programme. These will include three galleries, which will host exhibitions, with a focus on contemporary art and architecture. The grand facade(正面) of the Burlington Gardens building has also been restored—possibly the first time it’s had a proper clean in its 150-year history.
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