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第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
January 8 was the birthday of American rock and roll legend Elvis Presley (艾维斯·普里斯利,猫王). He would have turned 80 years old on January 8. But, he died in 1977 at the still young age of 42.
Elvis is still loved by Americans. People feel pride in behaving like Elvis. People also get excited about Elvis memorabilia (纪念品)—his houses, any of his writings and other things related to the man called the King of Rock and Roll.
Someone got a huge piece of Elvis history. Julien’s company held a special sale of Elvis Presley’s two airplanes. The special sale is called an auction, which is a public sale where things are sold to the person or people who offer the most money.
The planes have been on public view at Graceland for 30 years. They are currently too old to further use. The Lisa Marie was Presley’s first airplane. It could fly up to 28 passengers. It is bigger than the other. Presley bought it in 1975 for $ 250,000. Then he spent $ 300,000 more on repairs and making the inside beautiful. It has an area for sleeping, a room for meetings, and a place for making and enjoying drinks. The Lisa Marie was named after Presley’s daughter. There were only 65 of the same kind ever made. The singer bought his second airplane while waiting for work to be finished on the Lisa
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