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黔东南州2019年小学升学文化水平统一检测 六年级英语试卷(人教版) 听力部分 笔试部分 0题号 总分 四 三四五六七八 得分 复核人 封 听力部分(30分)m0 一、昕录音,选出你所听到的单词或词组。每小题读两遍。(5分) C 1. A. before B ago now 製线( )2. A. meter B. kilogram C. ton bns T )3.A. storybook B. magazine C. dictionary )4. A quiet B active C. easy )5.A. washed my clothes B cleaned my room C did something else 略内二、听录音,根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的图片。每小题读两遍。(5分) 书增 签的 容 B E ()2.()3.( 4.() 5.() 三、听问句,选答句。每小题读两遍。(10分) 要 C )1. A. It was too bad B. It is good ()2.A. Tom is taller than you B. Tom is taller than me )3. A My shoes are size 37 B. Im 1.65 metres 4.A. Yes, I do B. No. i didnt 答 E :( )5.A. Now, she goes cycling every day. B. I like riding a bike 四、听录音,根据录音内容判断句子正(T)误(F)。每小题读两遍。(10分) 1 Amy washed her schoolbag and went to the park on Saturday. She was happy on the 题 weekend ) 2. The brown monkey is stronger than the yellow one. C 3. Mike went to Xinjiang by plane last month )4. Grandma's old school didn,t have a library )5. The new film magazine talks about a lot of new films 六年级英语试卷(人教版)试卷第1页(共4页 笔试部分(70分)全 一、选出下列单词中划线部分读音不同的一项。(5分) ETI L ce:de: ( 1. A baby o) onion mI nEtr uW B. rainy )2.A ant B. ate C. apple (3. A bird B. nurse C. ruler )4. A ice B. nice C. is BO. UR )5.A. washed B played C. watched banG 二、根据图片补全句子,每空一词。(10分) Anold S2 m) wiser s uov 20Y-netYy (快8),回微查,正 some mI 第1题图 第2题图 第3题图 体商馆 Tom bib Jim 第4题图 第5题图 第6题图 1. Chen Jie's fish is and than Sarahs 2. Last weekend. Tom and 1O TUBIE 3. Bill over his holiday. 4. I fell off my bike and 5. There wasn’ta A n in our school five years ago. o 6. Before. Jim couldn't -, and Tom couldn t i 三、选词填空。(10分) 1. There are/is ) many (boxs/boxes) 2. The book is (her/hers). Give it to (her/she) 3. Monday is the 01 (second/two) day of a week. 4. My uncle often (go/goes)to work by bus 5. My sisters (is running/ are running)on the playground 6. We will have a party (last month/next month 字,文张的 7. I play (the /a) piano every day 8. Saturday was a busy day for me. So, Inn lonn (got/get) up early in the morning 六年级英语试卷(人教版)试卷第2页(共4页) 四、选择正确的选项补全对话。(10分)A. How heavy are you Bob: Hello. Wu Yifan. 1 B. What are you going to do this afternoon? Wu Yifan: I'm going to the shoe store. 2 C. What size are your shoes? Bob: 3 D. Oh, my feet are bigger than yours Wu Yifan: Size 38. How about you? E I want to buy a pair of shoes Bob: 4 My shoes are size 39 How tall are you? Wu Yifan: I'm 1.68 metres. But I think you are heavier. 5 Bob: I'm 55 kilograms Wu Yifan:Yes, oure heavier. I'm52 e kilograms.,段一空全图 五、连词成句。(5分) 1.The, than, the, younger, boy, is, man, ( 2. you, I,m, better, feel, now, happy, 3. your, Did, night, read, brother, book, last, a,(?) 4. do, What, day, you, the, before, did, yesterday, (? 5. She, active, s, class, in, now, very, 六、阅读表格里的内容,判断正(T)误)(F)。(10分) The students in our city are all different. Before Now Go to school on foot Go to school by bike, bus or car Do sports on the grass Do sports on the playground No dining hall in the school A new dining hall in the school Drink water. tea Drink water, tea, coffee, milk or juice Like playing sports Like playing computer games )1. The students didn,'t go to school by bike, bus or car before )2. The students did sports on the grass before. )3. The students could eat delicious food in the school dining hall before 4. The students can drink milk and juice now, but the students only could drink water and tea before )5. The students liked playing computer games before. The students like playing sports now 七、阅读短文,完成表格。(10分) Mike's school sent him an invitation Dear Friends It is time to leave our school. We are all going to middle school soon, so we will say goodbye 六年级英语试卷(人教版)试卷第3页(共4页) to each other. We are going to have a farewell party. You can bring your friends Place: Our music room Time: Friday 3 p.m 南 Activities We will draw pictures and sing songs. We are going to give prizes for the best pictures. We are going to have cake, candy and juice, too. Yum! We will also give prizes to our good students. Who studied hard? Who wrote the best story? who did the best homework? We will listen to music, play games and dance. It will be great fun See you at the party! A farewell party 封 where Our room when 3 p who You and your 线 sing songs, listen to music, and dance. what 2. Give prizes for the best Give prizes to Who studied hard? Who the best story? Who the best homework? 3. Have cake, and juice. O内 八、小作文。(10分) 暑假即将来临,请用英文写一篇小短文,回想下上个暑假你去了哪?做了些什么?并计 O 划下这个暑假打算去哪?做些什么? 不 要求:1.条理清楚、意思连贯、语句通顺、标点正确,可适当发挥。 2.不少于5句话 要 答 题 tD ioor e dlo P cabrIo ne 六年级英语试卷(人教版)试卷第4页(共4页)
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