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(  ) 1.A.visits     B.visited      C.visiting
(  ) 2.A.bird B.Bund C.bed
(  ) 3.A.e-friends B.e-books C.emails
(  ) 4.A.parent B.present C.protect
(  ) 5.A.fireworks B.workers C.walk
( ) 1.Trees help keep the air clean.
(  ) 2.I brought a sandwich for lunch.
(  ) 3.The sign means we shouldn’t smoke here.
(  ) 4.Now we can call people anywhere.
(  ) 5.I visited the Shanghai Museum last year.
(  ) 1.A.I don’t know. B.I went to Nanjing. C.I liked singing.
(  ) 2.A.Yes, I do. B.No, I’m not. C.No, I didn’t.
(  ) 3.A.It means we can’t park here. 
B.It means we can’t litter here.
C.It means we can’t smoke here.
(  ) 4.A.It’s windy. B.It’s Wednesday. C.It is 5th May.
(  ) 5.A.Thank you. B.You’re welcome. C.It was great.
  Water is very important. We 1.      water and 2.      water to 3.      things every day. In many places, there is not 4.      water. People have to 5.      water far away. We should reuse and save water.?
1.多云的一天           2.国庆节         ?
3.读一本电子书        ? 4.大雨       ?
5.太多塑料      ? 6.long long ago        ?
7.hold onto a kite       ? 8.give me red packets        ?
9.go on an outing        
10.move … away from …        ?
( ) 1.She walked     the street in her new clothes.?
A.away        B.through     C.front
( ) 2.We can     the bus     school.?
A.takes; to B. take; for C.take; to
( ) 3.I     to Shanghai and     my aunt.?
A.went; visited B.went; visit C.go; visited
( ) 4.Six years ago, Mr King     his friends.?
A.write letters for B.wrote letters to C.wrote letters for
( ) 5.The British invented the     .?
A.plane B.paper C.train
( ) 6.Wang Gang     a big fish yesterday.?
A.catch B.caught C.catches
( ) 7.The boy could not     pictures four years ago.?
A.to draw B.draw C.drawing
( ) 8.My parents     give me red packets.?
A.are going to B.wants to C.is going to
( ) 9.There     too much rubbish in the river.?
A.are B.is C./
( ) 10. What     the air dirty?
A.make B. makes C.to make
1.Look!That boy       (fly) a kite.?
2.The weather became       (sun).?
3.Did you       (see) a sign on the tree two days ago?
4.       (do) your parents       (read) newspapers every day?
5.Sam       (bring) a lot of bananas to the monkeys yesterday.?
1. We are going to the library tomorrow. (对画线部分提问)?
      are you      tomorrow?
2.Our family went to a farm near Star Lake. (改为一般疑问句)
           family go to a farm near Star Lake?
3. They flew kites high in the sky. (改为否定句)
They         kites high in the sky.?
4.We are going to visit our friends. (对画线部分提问)?
      are      going to      ?
5.Tina her homework dinner after did ( . ) (连词成句)
The weather became      and      yesterday.?
He read      on the Internet two years      .?
3. 下周将是春节了。
It is     to     Chinese New Year next week.?
I     the Shanghai      for the National Day holiday.?
What can we do to      the water      ?
  A man lost a needle (针) in the room. But it was dark in the room and he could not see it. He came out and looked for the needle in the street. A friend of his came up and said, “What are you doing here” “I am looking for my needle now.”“Where did you lose it” he asked. “I lost it in my room.” “You lost your needle in your room, but you look for it in the street. Isn’t that funny” “But it is dark in my room. I can’t find it there. Here is bright and I can see it.”
(  ) 1.The man lost his needle in the street.
(  ) 2.The man looked for the needle in the room.
(  ) 3.It was dark in the room and it was bright in the street.
(  ) 4.The man could find his needle in the street.
(  ) 5.The man was very clever.
关键词: Chinese New Year, home, a red packet, have dinner, happy

1.She visited her aunt.
2.We went to the Bund yesterday afternoon.
3.He has many e-friends from all over the world.
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