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l__br__ry b__ __e f__ __tba__ __ f__ __e sh __ __
( ) 1.---Can I write them
---Yes, .
A. I can B. you can C. I do
( ) 2. We often borrow books ____the library.
A. on B. from C. to
( ) 3. ---What can I do you –Yes, I want to buy a shirt.
A.with B. for C. /
( ) 4.You______cross the street when the light is red.
A. must B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t
( ) 5. ---What’s wrong you ---I feel sick and I have a fever.
A. to B. for C. with
( ) 6. ---How is it ---It is ____ yuan.
A. many, fifty-three B. much, fifty-three C. much, fivety-three
( ) 7. ---What’s your mother_____ ---She’s _____the clothes.
A. doing, washing B. washing, doing C. doing, wash
( ) 8. ---Are you watching the long jump
---No, ____.
A. We’re watching the high jump
B. We’re watching the long jump C. /
( ) 9.This is ____science lab.____often have science lessons in it.
A. we, Our B. our, We C. us, We
( ) 10. ---How___ English lessons do you have in the language lab
---We have one English____ in the language lab.
A. many, lessons B. much, lessons C. many, lesson

1. ---What’s the boy doing ---He’s ___________ (play)ping-pong.
2.---How much _______(is)those trouser
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