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( )1. A. find    B. finger    C. farmer
( )2. A. help B. hard C. heavy
( )3. A. present B. pretty C. pudding
( )4. A. sick B. soft C. sit
( )5. A. waits B. wet C. watch
( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
( )1. A. I like listening to music on Saturdays.
B. No, I like watching TV.
C. Yes, I do. And I like listening to music too.
( )2. A. Yes, it can.        B. He likes playing football too.
C. It can play with me.
( )3. A. There are two. B. Yes, there is only one.
C. It’ s on the first floor.
( )4. A. I always swim in the river. B. Yes, I do.
C. I always put a stocking on my bed.
( )5. A. Perhaps she is.
B. She has eight subjects this term.
C. She likes Art very much.
1. 在房子旁边        2. 在三楼       ?
3. 去野餐      ? 4. 帮助病人      ?
5. 去钓鱼      ? 6. in front of her      ?
7. swim well      ? 8. watch films      ?
9. drink a lot      ? 10. Don’ t worry.      ?
( )1. There aren’ t     beds in the bedroom.?
A. some    B. any     C. a
( )2. —     are the cakes —They’ re in the fridge.?
A. What B. When C. Where
( )3. Can you show     around     school?
A. he; our B. him; our C. he; I
( )4. This is     lesson in the morning.?
A. first B. one C. the first
( )5. They all have a good time     Christmas Day.?
A. in B. at C. on
( )6. The soup is too     . You can’ t drink it now.?
A. just right B. hot C. right
( )7. Lucy and Lily     like swimming.?
A. too B. all C. both
( )8. How many     do you have in your school?
A. friend B. friends C. a friend
( )9. Is there     juice in the bottle?
A. some B. any C. a
( )10.      your father     in a factory?
A. Do; work B. Does; works C. Does; work
( )1. My animal friend has     .?
( )2. There are some flowers in the garden. Let’ s go and     .?
( )3. Liu Tao     football. He plays football well.?
( )4. I often     my dog at home.?
( )5. My father is     . He works in a factory.?
1. My classroom is on      (one) floor.?
2. Do you have any animal      (friend)?
3. There aren’ t      (some) cakes in the fridge.?
4. My friend likes      (play) football.?
5. Mike      (go) to school from Monday to Friday.?
八、根据图片、首字母或汉语提示完成句子。 (5分)
1. Mike often      ?with his e-friends on the Internet.
2. Look! The      ?are very pretty!
3. Monday is the s       day of a week.?
4. My aunt can       (写作) many stories.?
5. We want to buy a lot of flowers       (明天).?
( )1. Are there any computers in your school A. She is a nurse.
( )2. What do you like doing B. He likes English and PE.
( )3. Does it have a big tail C. No, it doesn’ t.
( )4. What subjects does he like D.I like flying kites.
( )5. What does your mother do E.Yes, there are.
1. 盒子里没有任何礼物。
There aren’ t           in the box.?
2. 海伦喜欢下课后读书。
Helen           after      .?
3. 他有一个动物朋友吗?
      he have an animal      ?
4. 周末我喜欢在网上聊天。
I like      on the           weekends.?
1. My grandpa is a farmer.
2. The bed is too hard.
3. Here’s a present for you.
4. They sit by the river. They see many fish.
5. Lily waits for the bus.
1. My sister likes watching TV.
2. We sometimes go to see Father Christmas.
3. Mike’s father is a driver.
4. My animal friend is a rabbit.
5. My parents and I usually visit my grandparents at weekends.
1. Do you like listening to music on Sundays
2. What can your animal friend do
3. Are there any music rooms in your school
4. What do you do on Christmas Eve
5. What subjects does Helen like
一、1. C 2. B 3. A 4. C 5. A
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