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Look and choose. (看图片, 选词语, 将序号填在图下括号内。)(10分)

Read and choose. (读一读, 选出每组中不同类的一项。)(10分)
( )1.A.Tuesday B.Saturday C.birthday
( )2.A.house B.kitchen C.bedroom
( )3.A.under B.water C.behind
( )4.A.polite B.homework C.hard-working
( )5.A.party B.healthy C.delicious
Read and write. (按要求完成下列各题。)(10分)
5.do not(缩略形式)
6.Sun. (完整形式)
7.water bottle(汉语意思)
9.no problem(汉语意思)
Read and draw. (判断下面的图片与句子是否相符, 相符画“”, 不相符画“”。) (10分)
1. —Who’s this young man —He’s my PE teacher. He’s tall and he can play basketball. 
2. —What do you do on Mondays — I often read books. 
3. —Is there a duck on the river — Yes, there is. 
4. —What do you have for lunch today —We have eggs, cabbage and fish. 
Choose the best answer. (选择最佳答案。)(10分)
( )1.—Can you draw cartoons
— .
A.Yes, I can B.No, I am not C.Yes, I can’t
( )2.Is your father at home
A.help B.helps C.helpful
( )3.—Where is the lake — .
A.It’s big B.It’s in the park C.It’s my favourite
( )4.A week has days.
A.five B.six C.seven
( )5.What you like for lunch
A.is B.would C.have
( )6.There are months in a year.
A.seven B.eleven C.twelve
( )7. you some milk for breakfast
A.Would; like B.Are; like C.Would; have
( )8.There isn’t water in the bottle.
A.some B.a C.any
( )9.There are trees the house.
A.some; on B.any; in C.some; in front of
( )10.What do you on the weekend
A.do B.are C.does

I’m Amy. Tomorrow is Sunday. I often visit the nature park on Sundays. The sky is blue. The trees are green and the flowers are beautiful. There are many hills near the river. On the river there are many boats. Beside the boats there are many ducks. Look! The ducks are swimming to the old house. What’s in that house Oh, it’s messy. There is a computer under the desk. There are many photos on the floor. There are pencils and crayons everywhere. I don’t like this house. Bye, old house!
 1. It’s Monday today.
 2. There are many hills near the river.[
 3. There is a computer on the bed.
 4. “What’s in that house Oh, it’s messy.” Here “messy” means(意思是) _________ in Chinese.
A. 脏乱的  B. 整齐的 C. 干净的
 5. Which picture is right(正确的)?
A.  B. 
Writing. (写作。)(10分)
以“My hometown”为题写一篇作文。
要求: 1.条理清楚, 意思连贯, 语句通顺, 标点正确。

Ⅰ.Listen and choose. (听录音, 选出你所听到的单词。)
1.Sunday 2.behind 3.lake
4.kind 5.village 6.problem
7.send 8.every 9.potato
Ⅱ.Listen and number. (听录音, 排序。)
1.My brother likes reading books.
2.The panda can do kung fu.
3.The girls can sing English songs.
4.—What’s the dog like
—It’s quiet and cute.
5.The man is tall and thin.
6.There are two books, a pencil and an eraser.
7.—Where is the phone
—Here it is!
Ⅲ.Listen, choose and write. (听录音, 选出正确的单词, 并填在横线上。)
My name is Deng Ming. This is my village. There are many small houses and a river. There is a bridge over the river. There are many fish in the river. There is a path beside the river. There are many flowers near the path. There is green grass and many trees. There is a lake near my village. The water is clean. It’s a beautiful village.
Ⅰ.1.C 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.C 6.B 7.B 8.A9.C 10.A
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