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(  ) 1.A.dog        B.dogs         C.this
(  ) 2.A.fat B.mat C.thin
(  ) 3.A.can B.cap C.cat
(  ) 4.A.4 B.14 C.40
(  ) 5.A.mango B.many C.fruit
(  ) 6.A.football B.basketball C.ball
(  ) 7.A.ears B.eyes C.nose
(  ) 8.A.box B.ball C.socks
1.  2. 3.
(  )     (  )    (  ) 
4.  5. 6.
( ) ( ) ( )
(  ) 1.Do you like tigers
(  ) 2.What do you like
(  ) 3.Let’s make a fruit salad.
(  ) 4.What do you have
(  ) 5.Would you like some rice
(  ) 6.He can play football.
1.—What     you like?
—     like a     of     .?
2.—     the hamburger?
—         on the table?
3.—What     you     ?
—I like     .?
(  ) 1.A.hamburger   B.pie      C.cake     D.juice
(  ) 2.A.dog B.monkey C.pen D.lion
(  ) 3.A.jacket B.T-shirt C.cat D.cap
(  ) 4.A.umbrella B.chair C.table D.desk
(  ) 5.A.yellow B.cute C.red D.orange
1.我们的新家             2.some grapes       ?
3.她的耳朵      ? 4.these toy animals      ?
5.在你的卧室里      ? 6.make a cake      ?
7.一杯茶      ? 8.forty fans      ?
9.打篮球      ? 10.have a try      ?
(  ) 1.—Where are my skirts —     in the bedroom.?
A.they’re      B.It’s      C.They’re
(  ) 2.—Do you like      —No, I     .?
A.horses; do B.horses; don’t C.horse; don’t
(  ) 3.—How many     do you have —I have six.?
A.clock B.clocks C.a clock
(  ) 4.—How     is the fan —It’s nine yuan.?
A.many B.about C.much
(  ) 5.—    , Sam —I’d like a pie.?
A.What would you like     
B.Do you like a pie
C.What do you like
(  ) 6.Don’t     sad.?
A.is B.be C.too
(  ) 7.—Can I help you —   ?
A.No, I don’t.   B.Yes. An ice cream, please. C.Yes, I do.
(  ) 8.—Have a     , Su Yang. —Yeah! I can skate.?
A.see B.look C.try
(  ) 9.Her     are small, but her     is big.?
A.eyes; nose B.eyes; ears C.mouth; nose
(  ) 10.—Let’s make a cake. —   ?
A.Thanks. B.Yes, please. C.Great.
A.How many  B.How much  C.Would  D.What  E.Can
1.—     he skate         —Yes, he can.?
2.—     you like a sandwich —Yes, please.?
3.—     are these —They’re lions.?
4.—     is this toy monkey —Fifteen yuan.?
5.—     umbrellas do you have —Three.?
(  ) 1.What do you have         A.It’s five yuan.
(  ) 2.Where are my red caps B.Thirteen.
(  ) 3.How many toy cars do you have C.I have some stickers.
(  ) 4.What would you like D.I’d like a cup of tea.
(  ) 5.How much is it E.They are on the sofa.
(  ) Yes, I do. What about you
(  ) Look at these apples.
(  ) Do you like apples
(  ) I don’t like apples. I like bananas.
(  ) Oh. They are red and nice.
  This is Jane’s bedroom. I can see (看见) a desk, a bed and a chair in it. There’s (有) a clock and some books on the desk. I can see a toy panda and two dolls on the bed. I can see a bag on the chair. Jane is in the bedroom now. Her mother and father are in the living room.
(  ) 1.There is a bed in the bedroom.
(  ) 2.The clock is on the bed.
(  ) 3.Jane has (有) two dolls.
(  ) 4.The bag is on the chair.
(  ) 5.Jane’s parents (父母) are in the kitchen.
1.I like dogs.  2.He is fat.
3.She can skate.  4.It is forty yuan.
5.I have a mango.  6.Can you play football
7.His eyes are big.  8.Where are my socks
1.I don’t like dogs. I like pandas.
2.Look at the doll. Her hair is short.
3.I can play football now.
4.Look, the dog is in the kitchen.
5.—How much are these shoes
—They are fifty-eight yuan.
6.The cat is on the mat.
1.Do you like this tiger
2.What would you like
3.Let’s make a fruit salad.
4.What do you have
5.Would you like some juice
6.He can’t play football.
1.—What would you like
—I’d like a glass of milk.
2.—Where’s the hamburger
—Is it on the table
3.—What do you like
—I like pandas.
一、1.B 2.A 3.A 4.C 5.A 6.A 7.B 8.C
二、1.T 2.F 3.F 4.T 5.T 6.T
三、1.F 2.F 3.T 4.T 5.F 6.F
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