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人教(PEP)六年级下册Units 1-2 综合检测卷
1. Who is _____(heavy), Zhang Peng or John?
2. Tom ____________ (see a film) last Saturday.
3. John ____________(read books) at home last Sunday. 21教育名师原创作品
4. Lily is ________ (tall) than Ann.
5. I ___________ (have a cold) yesterday, so I didn’t go to school.

六、读一读, 选一选。
( ) 1. How was your weekend?
( ) 2. What did you do?
( ) 3. How tall is John?
( ) 4. What size are your shoes?
( ) 5. How heavy is Sarah?
( ) Really? Was it interesting?
( 1 ) Amy, let’s go to the bookstore to buy the new film magazine.
( ) No, I had a cold, so I stayed at home and slept.21*cnjy*com
( ) Yes, it talked about a lot of new films. What did you do last weekend?
Did you see a film?
( ) Thank you. Let’s go!
( ) Oh, I read it last weekend.
( ) Oh, I’m sorry. I’m happy you feel better now.
1. Amy and John will go to the .
2. John wants to buy .
3. The new film magazine talked about .
4. John all weekend and slept.
My small cat, my small cat.
My cat is smaller than yours.
He’s smaller and shorter and younger than yours.
My big dog, my big dog.
My big dog is bigger than yours.
He’s bi
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