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一、Read and choose(阅读对话,根据上下文,选择正确的句子,把字母编号填在相应的横线上。)(10分)
A. Where is it B. How can I get there
C. Thank you very much. D. What are you doing to do there
E. Is it far from here F. That’s OK.
G. When are you going
A: Excuse me, I’m new here. I want to go to the post office.
B: It’s near the bookstore.
B: Yes, it is.
B: You can go by the No.302 bus. Get off at the hospital, and then turn left .You can see it.
A: I’m going to buy a post card, and send it to my cousin.
B: You’re welcome.
二、Read and choose.阅读下面的短文,按要求答题。(每小题1.5分,共15分。)
Tomorrow is Sunday. Wang Jie isn’t going to school. He is going to get up early. In the morning, he is going to visit a science museum. He’s going there by subway. He’s going to have lunch in McDonald’s. In the afternoon, he is going to play football with his friends, At about 3:30, he is going home to do homework. Then he is going to clean his bedroom. He’s going to cook the meals for his father and mother in the evening.
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