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( ) 21 Old Henry doesn’t have a son a daughter.
A. but B. with C. and D. or
( ) 22 My aunt and uncle live in ______.
A. different city B. different cities C. the different city D. the different cities
( ) 23 —Would you like to go to the park? —______.
A. Yes, I like B. Yes, I’d love to C. No, I don’t like D. No, I can’t
( ) 24 — does your uncle do? —A reporter.
A. Why B. What C. Where D. How
( ) 25 There is a football match ______ Sunday morning.
A. on B. in C. at D. of
( ) 26 ________ food is good for our ________.
A. Health, health B. Health, healthy
C. Healthy, health D. Healthy, healthy
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