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Ⅳ.Look and write.(根据图片补全短语。)(10分)

Ⅴ.Read and write.(根据汉语提示完成句子。)(10分)
1.I usually go to school (步行).
2. (减速) and stop at a yellow light.
3.The cinema is (紧挨着) the nature park.
4.Amy is going to buy a (连环画册) tomorrow.
5.What are they going to do (下周)
Ⅵ.Read and choose.(单项选择我最棒!)(10分)
( )1.Are they going home by bus on foot
A.and B.but C.or
( )2.In China, you must drive on side of the road.
A.the left B.the right C.both
( )3.The cinema is the science museum.
A.far B.next C.far from
( )4.I’m going to buy a book flowers.
A.in B.about C.to
( )5.— are you going
—I’m going to the Great Wall.
A.What B.Where C.When
Ⅶ.Read and write.(用所给单词的适当形式填空。)(10分)
1.I can see many (dictionary) in the bookstore.
2.My parents will (visit) my uncle next week.
3.Jack likes (dance) very much.
4.I have to (wash) my clothes this afternoon.
5.My family (be) going to the supermarket.
Ⅷ.Rearrange the words.(连词成句。)(10分)
1.zoo, the, the, I’m, to, weekend, going, on(.)

2.going, are, this, where, you, evening()

3.grandparents, this, going, I’m, weekend, to, my, visit(.)

4.art, book, going, to, about, I’m, buy, a(.)

5.you, evening, are, cinema, going, the, to, this()

Ⅸ.Read and write.(根据图片提示完成对话。)(10分)
1.—What are you going to do this afternoon — 
2.—What is he going to do tomorrow morning — 
3.—How is she going to the park — 
4.—Where are you going this evening — 
5.-What are they going to do on weekends - 
Ⅹ.Read and choose.(读短文, 选择正确的答案。)(10分)
It’s Saturday today. We are going to watch a football match(比赛). It’s between(在……之间)the Japanese team and the Chinese team. The football match will begin at four o’clock in the afternoon. Our teachers Mr Li and Mr Wang are going to watch the football match with us. We are going there by bike. We are going to come back at six o’clock in the evening.
( )1.What day is it tomorrow
A.Friday. B.Monday. C.Sunday.
( )2.We are going to watch today.
A.a football B.a football match C.a basketball match
( )3.The match is between the and the .
A.Japanese team; Chinese team
B.Japanese team; American team
C.Chinese team; Canadian team
( )4.We are going there .
A.by bus B.by train C.by bike
( )5.When will the match begin
A.At six o’clock. B.At four o’clock. C.At seven o’clock.

Ⅰ.Listen and choose.(听录音, 选择正确的图片。)
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