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When Which Where What Why

1.—_______ do you do on the weekend?
—I often go shopping.
2. —_______ do you like vegetables?
—Because they’re healthy and fresh.
3. —_______do you get up on Sundays?
—I often get up at 7 o’clock.
4. —________ is your pen, the red one or the green one?21教育名师原创作品
—The red one.
5.—_______ is my cap?
—Look! It’s on your head.
Amy’s birthday is coming. On her birthday, she wants to have a birthday party in her house. She will invite her friends to her party. At the party, they will eat the birthday cake. Amy likes singing very much. So they will sing and dance. They will play many games, too.
Amy’s parents will give her a big surprise(惊喜). She will have a great time. Amy’s birthday is on April 21st. The party will start at 7:30 p.m. You can send a birthday card to her email as a present(礼物).
Here is Amy’s email address: Amy112@yahoo.com.
1. 判断正误,正确的写“T”,错误的写“F”。
( ) Amy's birthday is in Spring.
( ) The birthday party will start in the morning.
( ) If you go to the party, you can eat the birthday cake.
( ) Amy doesn't like singing.
2. 根据短文内容帮助Amy写一封邀请函。
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