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Look and choose. (看图片, 选句子。)(5分)

A.Mike often plays football on Sundays.
B.Sarah often plays ping-pong with Chen Jie on Sundays.
C.Mike often does his homework on Sunday morning.
D.Mr Zhang is our science teacher. He’s short and fat.
E.Chen Jie often reads books on Saturdays.
Read and Choose. (读一读, 选出每组中画线部分读音不同的一项。)(5分)
( )1.A.bread B.teacher C.healthy
( )2.A.goat B.coat C.how
( )3.A.food B.cook C.book
( )4.A.yellow B.know C.how
( )5.A.young B.out C.house
Choose the best answer. (选择最佳答案。)(10分)
( )1.I’d like some .
A.tomato B.tomatos C.tomatoes
( )2.What’s like
A.he B.his C.him
( )3.—Would you like some potatoes
— .
A.Yes, please B.They’re healthy C.I have grapes
( )4.What do you have Thursdays
A.at B.in C.on
( )5.Mike is not hungry. He’s . He’d like some water.
A.kind B.thirsty C.tired
( )6.What would you like eat
A.of B.for C.to
( )7.The fish is too . You can’t eat it.
A.hot B.water C.do
( )8.Would you like some
A.hamburgers B.grape C.apple
( )9.What’s favourite food
A.you B.your C.yours
( )10.The apples are red. They are .
A.salty B.sweet C.hot
Rearrange the words. (连词组句。)(10分)
1.do, you, do, What, morning, Sunday, on ( )

2.thin, she, Is ( )

3.favourite, is, My, food, chicken (. )

4.drink, What’s, favourite, his ( )

5.watch, TV, We, Saturdays, on (. )

Look and write. (看图, 根据提示补全句子。)(10分)
1.—Is he s —Yes, he is. 
2.I often do homework and on Saturdays.
3. are my favourite f .
Read and choose. (读句子, 选答句。)(10分)
( )1.What’s your grandma like
( )2.Who’s your English teacher
( )3.Is Amy hard-working
( )4.What time is it now
( )5.What’s her favourite food
B.It’s two o’clock.
C.She’s tall and thin.
D.Miss White.
E.Yes, she is.
Reading comprehension. (阅读短文, 选择正确答案。)(10分)
Hello! My name is Zhang Peng. I am twelve years old. Chicken and vegetables are my favourite food. We have maths and art on Wednesdays and they are my favourite classes. I watch TV on the weekend. I love weekends. My favourite teacher is Mr Li. He is thin and funny.
( )1.How old is Zhang Peng
A.10. B.11. C.12.
( )2.What’s Zhang Peng’s favourite food
A.Chicken and vegetables.
B.Mutton and vegetables.
C.Mutton and tofu.
( )3.What are Zhang Peng’s favourite classes
A.Art and English. B.Maths and art. C.English and maths.
( )4.What does Zhang Peng do on the weekend
A.He does homework. B.He reads books. C.He watches TV.
( )5.What’s Zhang Peng’s favourite teacher like
A.Thin and funny. B.Short and kind. C.Young and active.
Writing. (写作)(10分)
要求: 1.条理清楚, 意思连贯, 标点正确。

Ⅰ.Listen and choose. (听录音, 选出你所听到的单词。)
1.today 2.house 3.strict 4.play 5.old
Ⅱ.Listen, choose and number. (听问句, 找答句并标号。)
1.What would you like to drink
2.What’s he like
3.Do you often read books
4.What do you have on Thursdays
5.Thank you!
Ⅲ.Listen and choose. (听录音, 选出你所听到的句子。)
1.Miss Carter is tall and thin.
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