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ar al er ir ur

b d tig c b l hamb ger

( ) 1. —Do you have a library?
A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, we do. C. Yes, I am.
( ) 2. —Your classroom is very nice!
— __________
A. You’re welcome. B. It’s on the first floor. C. Thank you.
( ) 3. —_____ is the art room?
—It’s under the library.
A. Who B. What C. Where
( ) 4. — is it?
—It’s seven o’clock.
A. What time B. How old C. How many
( ) 5. —____________
— No, it isn’t. It’s cold.
A. Let’s play basketball.
B. Is it warm outside?
C. What’s the weather like there?
八、 根据对话内容,判断正”T”误 ”F”。
Mum: Get up, Mike!
Mike: Mum, what time is it now?
Mum: It’s eight o’clock.
Mike: Oh, it’s time to go to school. I’m late.
Mum: Don’t worry! It’s Saturday today.
Mike: I forgot it(忘记). What’s the weather like today?21cnjy.com
Mum: It’s rainy.
Mike: Can I go to the library?
Mum: No, you can’t. It’s cold outside. It’s only 2 degrees. You can read books at home.2·1·c·n·j·y
Mike: OK, mum. Where’s my schoolbag?
Mum: It’s in your study.
Mike: Thank you, mum!
( ) 1. Today
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