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第二次月考试题(Units 4~ 5)
(时间: 60分钟 满分: 100分)
Ⅳ.Read and choose.(火眼金睛选不同。)(10分)
( )1.hobby way live
( )2.read amazing share
( )3.cleaner dance singer
( )4.factory join teach
( )5.where work watch
Ⅴ.Read and choose.(读一读, 选一选正确的图片。)(10分)

( )1.My grandparents like drawing pictures in the park.
( )2.My uncle is a postman. He likes his job very much.
( )3.He is a businessman. He often goes to different countries.
( )4.The man is a good worker. He works very hard.
( )5.The boys like playing football. They want to be football players.
Ⅵ.Read and choose.(单项选择我最棒!)(10分)
( )1.Please tell me something your pen pal.
A.in B.about C.at
( )2.I don’t have milk.
A.some B.any C.two
( )3.Do you like
A.singing B.sings C.sing
( )4.Mary likes kung fu and singing.
A.doing B.making C.drawing
( )5.He wants a scientist.
A.be B.to C.to be
Ⅶ.Read and match.(读一读, 连一连正确的答语。)(10分)

Ⅷ.Read and write.(读一读, 按要求改写句子。)(10分)
1.My hobby is flying kites.(对画线部分提问)
your hobby
2.Mike likes watching TV.(改为否定句)
Mike watching TV.
3.She plays basketball on Sundays.(改为一般疑问句)
she basketball on Sundays
4.I don’t live in Shanghai.(变成以he为主语的句子)
in Shanghai.
5.My sister works in a factory.(对画线部分提问)
your sister work
Ⅸ.Read and answer the questions.(读短文, 回答下列问题。)(10分)
Alice is a good driver. She is twenty years old. She drives a car for a living(谋生) in a big factory. She works from Sunday to Friday. Her home isn’t near the factory. So she gets up early at 6:00.She goes to work at 6:30.At 7:30 she has to get there. She has breakfast in the factory. She has lunch there, too. She leaves the factory at 5:00 in the afternoon. Then she cooks and does housework. Alice likes reading books and watching TV very much. So she often reads books or watches TV in the evening. She goes to bed at about 10:30.How busy she is!
1.What does Alice do

2.How old is Alice

3.Is Alice’s home near the factory

4.Where does Alice have lunch

5.What is Alice’s hobby

Ⅹ.Writing.(小作文。)(10 分)
根据下面提供的内容, 替Amy写一篇英语短文。
要求: 语句通顺, 条理清晰; 不少于50词。
Amy是个美国女孩, 今年十二岁。她的爸爸是教师, 喜欢远足。她的妈妈是科学家, 在一所大学里工作, 喜欢唱歌。她非常爱他们。他们也很爱她。

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