[ID:4-3902430]青海省西宁二十一中六年级上册9月月考英语试卷(含听力书面材料 无答案)
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青海省西宁二十一中六年级上册9月月考英语试卷(含听力书面材料 无答案)
1. tellmeabout 2.theGreatWall 3.walk along
4. more than 5.speak Chinese 6.lion dance
7. Chinese food 8.learn English _ 9.a big surprise
10. send an email
( ) 1. I ____ to see my friends yesterday.
A. went B. go C. goes
( ) 2. Yesterday I a big surprise.
A. have B. has C. had
( ) 3. ______ is the Great Wall?
    __ It’s forty thousand li long.
A. How old B. How many C. How long
( ) 4.Can you tell _____
A. I B. me C. she
( ) 5.It’s two ______ kilometers.
A. thousand B. thousands C. long
( ) 6.The food was different Chinese food in China.
A. to B. in C. from
( ) 7. We saw Chinese in the streets.
A. dance B. danced C. dancing
( )8.He really to go to the Great Wall..
A. want B. wants C. wanted
( )9. Can you tell more ____ the Great Wal
A.about B. at C. in
( )10.How long
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