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第一次月考试题(Units 1~ 2)
(考查范围: Unit 1~Unit 2 时间: 60分钟 满分: 100分)
Read and judge. (读一读, 判断每组单词中画线部分读音是否相同, 相同的写“T”, 不同的写“F”。)(5分)

( )1.A.peach B.seat C.tea D.eat
( )2.A.bread B.brown C.library D.break
( )3.A.clock B.class C.close D.clean
( )4.A.how B.yellow C.now D.cow
( )5.A.beef B.see C.sheep D.green
Choose the best answer. (选择最佳答案。)(10分)
( )1.Do you often listen music
A.at B.to C.in
( )2.Tom and John play ping-pong Sundays.
A.at B.on C.in
( )3.— is her mother like
—She is very strict.
A.Where B.What C.Who
( )4.—Is she quiet
— . She’s active.
A.Yes B.No C.I don’t know
( )5.— is that man
—He’s Mr Hu.
A.What B.Who C.Where
( )6.I a funny teacher and he strong.
A.am; has B.have; is C.has; is
( )7.My grandma is old, but she looks .
A.thin B.smart C.young
( )8.—Do you often watch TV on the weekend
— I often read books.
A.Yes, I do. B.No, I’m not. C.No, I don’t.
( )9.—
—I have a cooking class.
A.What do you have on Tuesdays
B.What do you eat for lunch on Tuesdays
C.What do you have for lunch on Tuesdays
( )10.—Do you often TV
—Yes, I do.
A.see B.watch C.look
Look and write. (看图, 完成句子。)(10分)
1. —Who’s your Chinese teacher —Mr Zhang. —What’s he like —He’s and .
2. —Is your art teacher young —No, she . She’s .
3. —Is it Friday — . It’s .
4. —What do you often do on Sundays —I often .
5. I on Sundays.
Read and choose. (读句子, 选答句。)(10分)
( )1.Is it a storybook
( )2.Is your mother quiet
( )3.What do you have on Fridays
( )4.Why do you like Thursdays
( )5.What’s your art teacher like

Reading comprehension. (阅读理解。)(15分)
Hello, my name is Tom. I am a student. I go to school from Monday to Friday. I have Chinese and maths every day. Mr Lin is my Chinese teacher; he’s very funny. We like him. I have two good friends, Jane and Jack. Jane is an English girl. She helps me with my English. Jack is a tall boy. We often play football together.
阅读短文, 回答下列问题。(10分)
1.Who are Tom’s good friends

2.When does Tom go to school

3.What classes does Tom have every day

4.Who’s Tom’s Chinese teacher

5.Who often plays football with Tom

Dog: Hi, I have a new art teacher.
Duck: Really A woman
Dog: Yes!
Duck: Is she tall
Dog: Yes, she’s tall.
Duck: Is she kind
Dog: Sure. She’s very kind. She has a long neck. She has long legs and she’s quiet. I like her very much.
Duck: Oh, I know. She’s Ms Giraffe. She can draw many nice pictures. I like her, too.
根据对话内容, 选择最佳答案。(5分)
( )1. has a new art teacher.
A.Dog B.Duck C.Ms Giraffe
( )2. is the new art teacher.
A.Dog B.Duck C.Ms Giraffe
( )3.Ms Giraffe is .
A.short and kind B.tall and strict C.tall and kind
( )4. has a long neck.
A.Ms Giraffe B.Dog C.Duck
( )5. like Ms Giraffe.
A.Dog and Cat B.Duck and Cat C.Dog and Duck
Writing. (写作。)(20分)
星期天你都会做些什么呢 简单描述一下, 不少于5句话。

Ⅰ.Listen and choose. (听录音, 选出你所听到的单词。)
1.funny 2.clever 3.often 4.wait 5.young
6.kind 7.quiet 8.housework 9.thin 10.Sunday
Ⅱ.Listen and circle. (听录音, 圈出正确的答案。)
1.—What’s your new teacher like
—He’s tall and thin.
2.—Who’s your maths teacher
—Mr Yang.
3.—Is it Tuesday
—No, it’s Friday.
4.—When will you go to Beijing
—This Sunday.
5.—What do you do on Saturdays
—I usually read books.
Ⅲ.Listen and write. (听录音, 写出所缺的单词。)
1.—Do you often listen to music
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