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一、Read and tick. (朗读单词,圈出划线部分发音不同的单词。10分)
1. A. stop B. not C. do D. cross
2. A. make B. way C. train D. man
3. A. light B. traffic C. kite D. sign
4. A. noise B. nose C. boy D. toy
5. A. window B. how C. know D. yellow
二.Think and write. ( 想一想,写一写。5分)
1. —What do you w__________ —I want some paper, please.
2. —Here’s some milk. —Thank you v__________ much.
3. —What have they g__________ —They have got some eggs.
4. —What d__________ she want —She wants a Big Mac.
5. —Can I h__________ some noodles
三.Read and write(写出划线单词的反义词。5分)
1. My pencil is cheap. Yours is __________.
2. Look! Grandma is happy. She’s not__________.
3. My bag is small. Give me a _________ one, please.
4. The slide is hard. They toy rabbit is _________.
5. This ruler is too short. She needs a ________ one.
四.Read and choose.(读一读,选一选。10分)
( ) 1. I’m ________. Can I have some water
A. tired B. thirsty C. hungry
( ) 2. There _________ some juice in the glass.
A. is B. are C. have
( ) 3. Are there any _________ in the box
A. egg B. eggs C. an egg
( ) 4. Can I have an ___________, please
A. pear B. pineapple C. orange
( ) 5. You want juice Here’s some _____
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