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Traveling in Scotland
The Scotland Travel Pass gives you the freedom to use trains,buses and boats in Scotland as much as you like for a fixed period of time at any time.The pass comes in a helpful pack with timetables and maps along with discount cards,and is available for either 4 days (£89) or 8 days (£119).
For more details,visit scotral.co.uk or call 08457 550033.
Pounds off London
The capital offers a host or sights,experiences and wonderful memories and one of the best money-saving plans is the London Pass.This allows you free entry for more than 60 attractions.When you buy the card you receive a 132- page color guidebook and information on the latest builtin discounts on restaurants and tours.You can also have fast track entry at some of the busiest attractions to jump those lines.Passes are available for 1-6 days or you can include a travel pass for public transport within Zones 1-6 for£82.Order your pass on the credit card line,call 08702 429988, or buy online at londonpass.com.
The London for Less discount card comes in a pack with a guidebook and a handy fold-out street map.For £12.95 the London for less gives you discounts,from 20%-50%,at more than 300 different London’s attractions, including shows,concerts and restaurants.You can also get discounts on everything from clothes to money exchange
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