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The American travel website company TripAdvisor publishes a list of the world’s best beaches every year.Today, we are going to explore some of this year’s top 10 beaches in the world.
1.Baia do Sancho,Brazil
It is named as this year’s best beach in the world.Its water is calm and clear.Its sand is fine and soft.But getting to Baia do Sancho is not so easy.It is on Fernando de Noronha,a volcanic island more than 300 kilometers off Brazil’s coast.Travelers must take a plane or boat from major cities in northern Brazil to get there.And no more than 420 visitors can be on the island at one time.
2.Grace Bay,Turks and Caicos
While Baia do Sancho is difficuit to get to,Trip Advisor’s second-ranked beach could not be much easier for tourists to reach.
This beach has impossibly clean and clear waters and pure white sand.Its calm waters make it extremely safe for swimming,snorkeling,or simply floating.Once on land,many visitors enjoy walking-barefoot-for several kilometers on the soft,warm sand.
3.Eagle Beach,Aruba
To get to the third-best beach,we head south to the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba.Like Grace Bay,Eagle Reach has clear,calm waters and soft white sand.
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