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Books For Children
Fleabag and the Ring’s End
Beth Webb
More stories of Fleabag,the talking cat―star of this wonderful set of 3 books
Ages 8-13, 208 pages, paper-back
07459 44116, £3.99 The little White House
EIizabeth Goudge
A fairy tale and winner of the Carnegie Medal
Ages 8-12, 240 pages, paper-back
07459 45783, £4.99
My Very First Christmas Book
Lois Rock and Alec Ayliffe
A big, bright book,which presents the story
simply,and delightfully for very young
Ages 0-3,12 pages,200mmx200mm, board
07459 40560, £4.99 First Festival:Christmas
Lois Rock
An all-in-one book to help grown-ups and
children prepare their Christmas celebration together. Presents, activities and customs.
Ages 5-8, 48 pages, 290mmx250mm, hardback
07459 39074, £8.99
Star of Wonder
Pat Alexander
A wonderful collection of Christmas stories and poems. Full of lively pages to read and enjoy.
Ages 7-12, 224 pages, paperback
07459 39323, £4.99 The Not-So-Wise Man
Alan MacDonald and Andrew Rowland
we all know, about the 3 Wise Men who
traveled to Bethlehem and discovered the baby Jesus Christ. This is the tale of another one, who always missed the point.
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