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第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
Our Summer Pix 16 competition has been on for a week and we have already had hundreds of entries (参赛作品). Keep the entries coming in: the contest still runs for three more weeks. So seize the moment and join us now!
How to enter
We want your best photographs of the summer. Send your pictures to summerpix16@ irishtimes. com to be in with a chance of winning our prize - a Canon digital camera,which is sold at a price of ?549 in shops. Each Friday, we’ll display the best photos sent in that week, and at the end of August we’ll print the winning photograph. The photos can be taken with any kind of camera or phone. We regret we cannot respond to each entry, but we will be in touch with you if your photograph is going to be published.
Terms & conditions
The photos must be taken this summer.
5 photographs may be submitted by any individual person at most.
Employees of The Irish Times and their families or other persons connected with the organizer are not suitable to enter.
All entries without an e-mail address are disqualified.
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