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第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
Would you like to keep free ebooks handy to read on your phone or tablet Several websites offer ebooks you can download without spending any money at all.
Amazon is filled with free ebooks you can download. Amazon’s Best Seller list is divided into Paid and Free. Check out the free sections in dozens of genres (种类),each listing the Top 100 free ebooks so you will have a lot of choices. This list changes constantly, based on how well the books are “selling” and whether they become or remain free.
Over Drive
Over Drive is an ebook service that works with local libraries to lend free ebooks to readers. It includes a wide collection of ebooks, from new sellers to classics. Sometimes there is a wait for a library ebook, just as there can be for a popular print book.
Project Gutenberg
Started in 1971, Project Gutenberg has over 53, 000 free ebooks. Project Gutenberg ebooks are available to download in the U. S. but may be restricted in other countries if they are still protected by copyright.
Apple iBooks
You can read free ebooks on your iPhone and iPad using the iBooks app. Head to the iTunes App Store and click the “Free Books” category. You can see a list of the top best sellers. Click “Get” to download those books to your iPhone or iPad.
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