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第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分30分)
Joshua,Helmut,and Bethlehenz
Michelle O.Donovan
ISBN 9781462058679
Life is not easy for nine-year-old Joshua during World War II.Because of his family’s Jewish background,they are sent to live in the concentration camps(集中营).Scared and alone,Joshua one day makes friends with a little mouse he calls Bethlehem who becomes his closest friend.
Encourage Me!
Inspirational Poetry
Gloria Coykendall
ISBN 9781412027854
It is an easy-to-read collection of poems originally written to encourage in faith and to be a cure for chronic depression(长期抑郁)…cure to strengthen identity and purpose.
Seeking the Edge
Dr.Joseph L.Rose
ISBN 9781462031795
Seeking the Edge provides the tools and techniques to find that edge in one’s life-driving readers to achieve success whether in your current job,finding a new job,in education,family,or even hobbies.
More Things in Heaven
Bill Bosworth
ISBN 9780595433582
In his More Things in Heaven,Bill Bosworth presents the highlights(最有趣味的部分)of his 83 years of life, including his trips to India and the study of the writings of several great spiritual leaders.More things in Heaven will appeal to anyone who insists on finding the deepest meaning for their existence based on their own experience.
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