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第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分 40)
第一节 (共 15 分;每小题两分,满分 30 分)
You may need to give first aid. First aid is defined (下定义) as the emergency care given to a sick or injured person. The goals of first aid are to prevent death and to prevent injuries from becoming worse.
Each emergency condition is different. However, the following rules apply to any kind of emergency.
☆ Be aware of your limitations. Do not try to do more than you are able to. Nor should you do things if you
are unfamiliar with them. Do what you can under the conditions at the time.
☆ Stay calm. Acting calmly will help the victim feel safe.
☆ Take a quick look to see if the victim is bleeding, and if there is a pulse.
☆ Keep the victim lying down and do not move him or her. You could make an injury worse if you move the victim.
☆ Take necessary emergency steps.
☆ Call for help or ask someone to make the EMS system (急救系统)start.
☆ Do not remove clothing unless you have to. If clothing must be removed, tear the clothes along the seams(线缝).
☆ Keep the victim warm. Cover the victim with a blanket. Coats and sweaters can be used if a blanket cannot be found.
☆ Reassure the victim. Explain what is happening and that help has been called.
☆ Do not give the victim any food or fruits.
☆ Keep the bystanders away from the victim. Bystanders want to ha
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