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Chester City Library offers a range of Library Special Needs Services to people who don’t have
access to our library service in the usual way. As long as you live in Chester City, we’ll provide a
wide range of library services and resources including:
● Large printed and ordinary printed books
● Talking books on tape and CD
● DVDs and music CDs
● Magazines
● Reference and information requests
Home delivery service
Let us know what you like to read and we will choose the resources for you. Our staff will
deliver the resources to your home for free. We also provide a service where we can choose the
resources for you or someone instead of you choose the things from the library. You can also choose the resources you need personally.
Talking books and captioned videos
The library can provide talking books for people who are unable to use printed books because of eye diseases. You don’t have to miss out on reading any more when you can borrow talking books
from the library. If you have limited hearing which prevents you from enjoying movies, we can
provide captioned videos for you at no charge.
Languages besides English
We can provide books in a range of languages besides English. If possible, we
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