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The 2016-2017 Jack and Jill Cover Contest
To celebrate The National Park Service’s (NPS’s) 100th anniversary, we’re asking you to draw your favorite national park.
Draw your picture on page 28 of Jack and Jill. Then, have your grown-up send your entry at uskidsmags.com/artcontest/enternow or fill out the form on page 27 and mail your art to Jack and Jill’s Annual Cover Contest, P.O. Box 88928, Indianapolis, IN 46208.
All entries will be shown at facebook.com/jackandjillmag in the competition photo album.
The entry with the most likes on Facebook will win our Readers’ Choice Award! For more information, visit our website: uskidsmags.com/artcontest
Prizes include:
Your Art on the Cover!
The first-place winner’s art will appear on the cover of Jack and Jill! Second- and third-place winners’ artwork will appear inside the magazine. Money for Your School’s Art Program
Each of our top three artists will earn a check for their school art program:
First place:$500
Second place:$250
Third place:$100
Gift Cards for Art Supplies
Our three winners and the Readers’ Choice artist will win gift cards from Blick Art Materials.
First place:$200
Second place:$150
Third place:$100
Readers’ Choice:$100
The Art of Drawing for Kids
The four top artists will also receive The Art of Drawing for Kids, a DVD set of step-by-step art lessons!21世纪教育网版权所有
Enter now! See your art on the cover of this magazine!21cnjy.co
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