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In England, people often talk about the weather because they can experience (经历) four seasons in one day. In the morning the weather is warm just like in spring. An hour later black clouds come and then it rains hard. The weather gets a little cold. In the late afternoon the sky will be sunny, the sun will begin to shine, and it will be summer at this time of a day.
In England, people can also have summer in winter, or have winter in summer. So in winter they can swim sometimes, and in summer sometimes they should take warm clothes.
When you go to England, you will see that some English people usually take an umbrella (伞)or a raincoat with them in the sunny morning, but you should not laugh at them.
If you don’t take an umbrella or a raincoat, you will regret (后悔) later in the day.
21. Why do people in England often talk about the weather
A. Because they may have four seasons in one day
B. Because they often have very good weather
C. Because the weather is warm just like in spring
D. Because the sky is sunny all day
22. "People can also have summer in winter." Means "it is sometimes too ______in winter."
A. warm B. cool C. cold D. rainy
23. The best title (标题)for this passage is ________.
A. Bad Seasons B. Summer or Winter
C. The Weather in England D. Strange English People
Two farmers were on their way home one e
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