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Beijing Imperial Court Food
Imperial Court Food(宫廷菜) is a style of food with origins in the Imperial Palace and it is well-known for the original features of the raw materials and carefully selected ingredients(原料). In addition, the dishes are decorated with different colored vegetables and fruits in various shapes. Each dish has a special name, such as Yu Feng Huan Chao. And some of them even have short stories. Today, Imperial Court Food has become an important school of Chinese cooking with several places offering this special taste. While expensive, it is worth trying.
Restaurants of Imperial Court Food
● Fangshan Restaurant
Fangshan Restaurant is the most famous one offering the first-class Imperial Court Food. The restaurant is made up of three parts and it can hold 500 people eating at the same time. It is decorated in imperial style with the design of dragon and phoenix. Here is the best place to experience the life of the Chinese emperors in former days. Now, it serves nearly 800 kinds of Imperial Court Dishes. Among them, Man-Han Banquet is the most famous.
● Li Jia Cai Restaurant
The dinner here is served by set menu starting at ¥298/person. That is to say, a guest cannot order a dish but a set of dishes. There are no chemicals in the dishes and all tastes are natural. This restaurant has welcomed many famous people incl
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