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The Renaissance is generally considered to have started in Florence, Italy around the years 1350 to 1400. The start of the Renaissance also was the end of the Middle Ages.
In the Middle Ages people thought that life was nothing but hard work and war.
However, around the 1300s, the people in Florence, Italy started to think that people should be educated and that things like art, music, and science could make life better for everyone.
This new way of thinking was called Humanism.
Florence, Italy
At the start of the Renaissance, Italy was divided up into a number of powerful city-states. One of the major city-states was Florence.
In the late 1300s, Florence had become a rich city. Wealthy businessmen had the money to hire artisans (工匠). This inspired competitions among artists and thinkers. Art began to flourish (繁荣) and new thoughts began to appear.
Petrarch and Humanism
Francesco Petrarch is often called the “Father of Humanism”. He studied poets and philosophers from Ancient Rome such as Cicero and Virgil. His ideas and poetry became an inspiration to many writers and poets throughout all of Europe as the Renaissance spread.
Giotto di Bondone
Giotto was a painter in Florence, Italy. He was the first painter to break away from the standard Byzantine style painting of the Middle Ages and try something new. Giotto is s
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