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Should online learning be encouraged
Editor’s note: As many parents have tried to give their children a head start, online education services, with their relatively cheap prices, are mushrooming across the world. What do you think Should this way of teaching be encouraged
Ted M (UK)
Online education is not new. It has been found effective in many countries where access to schools is difficult. It lacks the opportunity for social learning of course, but in most systems there are weekend, summer and winter "camps" where students can arrange to meet and interact with others as part of the courses. Such education is valuable for remote(远程的) learning in inaccessible regions.
Linda (China)
I find that children today spend less and less time playing outdoors than we did when we were young. We have the technology to enable us to teach students to learn with an amazing variety of resources but I do hope not at the expense of losing their childhood.
Breathing (Canada)
I think education is not about learning or gathering only textbook knowledge. It’s about communicating with others, discussing, group work etc. Online education means distance education. At present it is spread all over the world. It has some good results too. But I like face-to-face education. It helps a student to build up his
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