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第二部分 阅读理解 (共两节,满分40分)
第一节 (共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)
Our eating habits are very important for good health and a strong body. There are times when most of us would rather eat sweets and ice-cream than meat and rice. Sweets and ice-cream are not bad if we eat them at the end of a meal. If we eat them before a meal, they may take away our appetite(食欲). It is important for us to eat our meals at the same time each day. When we feel hungry, it is a sign that our body needs food. When we feel angry or excited, we may not want to eat. A long time ago, in England, some judges used to decide whether a man was telling the truth by giving him some dry bread. If the man could not eat the bread, it showed that he was telling lies. Although this seems very strange and rather foolish, it is indeed a very good way of finding out the fact. A man who is worrying about something has difficulty in eating anything dry. Because he is worrying, he loses his appetite and does not want to eat.
21. We must have good eating habits because _______.
A.we want to eat more B.we want to enjoy our meals
C.we want to be healthy and strong D.we want to grow up quickly
22. It is good to eat sweets and ice-cream _______.
A.when we are hungry B.when we want to
C.after the meal D.before the meal
23. We’d better have our meals _______.
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