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第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
Fitness Zone
Live fit, love life
Look your best this summer with our wonderful equipment and a tailor — made (量身定制的) program made specially for you by one of our best personal trainers.
If you are having a difficult time getting active, Fitness Zone is where you want to be.
With a personal trainer assigned (指定) to you, you will be placed in a tailor — made program that will make you look your best in just 12 weeks.
With our program, you will get the full benefits of:
Our one - on - one support and expert guidance by the top trainers in our industry.
The use of the best fitness equipment, including free weights, treadmills and bikes.
Ongoing group classes, from aerobics and yoga to dance and more.
Get started today!
Don’t miss out! Come for further information:
610, St. George Street, Suite 310, Chicago
Tel: 655 - 4866 Web: fitnesszone. com
21. Who are likely to join Fitness Zone
A. People who have health problems. B. People who are good at training others.
C. People who need a tailor - made suit. D. People who want to keep fit.
22. What does the underlined phrase “look your best” mean
A. Look in the mirror. B. Try your best to see.
C. Look more confident. D. Be in excellent condition.
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