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I remember a day when I was a little kid.I was making a sandwich in the kitchen when noticed the date on one of the wine bottles.
"Dad,dad!"I cried."This wine is too old to drink."
"Son,hold on,"he said.
"No,you can’t drink this tonight!This bottle of wine was made 10 years ago."
"Wait,let me tell you..."
"Would you like me to throw it away from you"I asked.
"Son,wait a second,"he said."Son,some wines get better over time.The longer you wait to drink it,the better it will be.Although this may seem strange,it is true."
When I was young,I didn’t have any understanding of what this meant,but now,this would have been very helpful to remember as I went through my teenage years.
In our society,we forget this simple rule: The longer you want for certain things,the better they will be.But we want the best job as quickly as possible;we want to graduate from college in as few years as possible;we even speed through our homework just to chat with friends.When we do this,we lose something of great importance.
We all want to get to the next step so quickly that perhaps we don’t get ready enough to get there.This has a negative effect on our society.When trying to go to the right college,we will do anything to get in and when we rush through our class-work,we may not study enough for the test,an
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