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第二部分 阅读理解(共20小题; 每小题2分,满分40分)
Share with us!
Would you like to have your writing published in this magazine
Then let us know! We pay for stories, anecdotes and jokes:
Anecdotes and Jokes --------$50
What’s made you laugh recently A funny sign A partner’s behavior Got a joke Send it in for Laughter is the Best Medicine!
E-mail: juliet@sws.com
Smart Animals -----Up to $100
Send us a tale about the strange behavior of pets or wildlife in up to 300 words.
E-mail: audrey@sws.com
Power of Love ----Up to $150
Acts of generosity can change lives or just give you that warm feeling full of love. Share your moments in 100---500 words.
E-mail: susan@sws.com
My Story ----$350
Do you have an inspiring or life-changing story to tell Your story must be real, unpublished , original and 800---1000 words.
E-mail: nanjc@sws.com
21. How much will the magazine pay for a joke to be published
A. $50 B. $100 C. $150 D. $350
22. If you want to share a story of your pets with the readers, you need to send it to ______
A. Anecdotes and Jokes B. Smart Animals
C. Power of Love D. My Story
23. A story showing people’s generosity should be emailed to the editor at
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