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I was driving home the other day on a sunny afternoon. I had a smile on my face as I sang along to the songs on the radio. It was a beautiful day that I felt full of happiness. My good mood ended, however, when the radio station took a news break between songs. Then suddenly I found myself listening to yet another story of a rich famous man who had broken the law. I shook my head as I came to a red traffic light.
As I pulled to a stop I noticed four leather-jacketed bikers. They were standing in the middle of the road with two on either side of the light. They looked rough and dangerous, but as I got closer I noticed each one was holding their helmet in their hands. I rolled down my window as one approached my car. “We are the Brother’s of the Wheel”, he said. “We are collecting money for a Christmas Toy Drive for needy children.” As I pulled a dollar out of my wallet I looked past his beard and tattoos (纹身) and into his eyes. They shined with a goodness and kindness that came right from his soul. I dropped the money in his helmet and waved to the other bikers as I drove off. My good mood had returned. My faith in mankind had been bolstered. And I had to remember again never to judge people by their appearance.
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