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第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
At 19, I worked in a doctor’s office as a medical assistant. I was shy, awkward(笨拙的), and didn’t have much confidence in myself. I was not sure about the future or my place in it.
I met a man there, a doctor, and became friends with him. He slowly began building me up, encouraging me to be more confident, to look outside the immediate circle of my life, and to see a future I could never quite believe.
First he helped me accept myself and see my worth, and then he encouraged me to take one or two college classes. I did well, so he pushed a little, asking me where I wanted to be in ten years and what I wanted my life to become. Until he talked about that, I hadn’t thought about it much. I had a job, and I was fine. But he made me wish for a different world, one with questions waiting to be answered,adventures waiting to be experienced, and people waiting to be seen.
I went to college and finally realized my dream of getting accepted into a medical assistant training program. Unfortunately it was very expensive, and even with loans (贷款). I didn’t have the money to go. My dream was slipping away when this wonderful man took me out after work one evening, bought me a beer, and offered to help me pay for my college education. Furthermore, he did i
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